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The Key to Online Sales and Conversion Optimization

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The term hero shot is a marketing term that is used mainly when you’re trying to sell a product online. Since it’s a relatively new way of addressing your marketing strategy and marketing photography, not many people are familiar with the term.

In this article, we will explain what a hero shot is, and we will also discuss what you need to know to create effective hero shots for your business.

What Is a Hero Shot?

A hero shot is the primary image of your product that a potential customer sees. Even though hero shots are mainly used for tangible products, they can also be used if you’re trying to sell your services online.

The purpose of a hero shot is to entice a customer to buy your product. The more interesting and “can’t take your eyes off of it,” your hero shot is, the better. The idea behind a hero shot seems simple, but this kind of marketing photography is a challenge to master. The hero shot can either be the leading photograph on your website or the front-running picture in your advertising campaign.

How Can I Create an Excellent Hero Shot?

There are several ingredients that combine to create the perfect hero shot. Whether it’s Amazon photography or eBay photography, the general characteristics of a good hero shot remain the same.

Let’s start with the most basic (and useful) characteristics.

1. Keywords

The keywords you use are vital for your company’s marketing strategy. Your keywords play a large role in how much traffic you’ll get on your website and how much of it will be relevant. Whether you draw in traffic through a paid search or an organic search, you need to make sure that your hero shot is relevant to the keywords you’re using.

Try not to keep your hero shot generic; in this case, specificity is best.

2. Relevance

Another crucial factor to a successful online marketing campaign is ad relevance. Your ad’s description and hero shot need to be closely related to what you’re trying to sell. For example, if the product or service you’re selling offers a solution for acne, your hero shot should feature a person with clear, healthy skin.

Conversely, if you’re trying to determine whether or not your hero shot is effective, take this test. Ignore the description of the ad and the title. Look solely at the hero shot. If the picture alone clearly conveys what you’re selling, your hero shot is a slam dunk.

3. Emotions

Lastly, your hero shot should evoke emotion. If you’re advertising Amazon photography, you would know beforehand that there are various products on sale on Amazon. To make your product stand out from other ad listings, your hero shot needs to elicit emotion.

The reality is, no matter how fancy your ad description is or how well you’ve optimized it, the customer is going to spend most of their time concentrating on your hero shot when they evaluate your website or ad. You get one chance to make a first impression, so be sure to put your best hero shot forward.